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Herbal Tea Collectionherbal tea collection

My Herbal Tea Collection

I recently did a YouTube video showing you my herbal tea collection, which you can watch here. I wanted to give you a little bit more info and share a few fun facts about some of the teas as well as my favourite ways to prepare them.

1. Numi- Rooibos Chai: Rooibos means “red bush”. It’s a red leaf tea which naturally contains fluoride, so use it in moderation!

2. Allegro- Masala Chai Tulsi: Masala can be any number of spice blends. This tea is perfect with a little bit of coconut milk and cinnamon

3. Allegro- Engage Your Brain: best on its own in the morning. 

4. Traditional Medicinals- Green Tea with Lemongrass: citrusy and goes well with a squeeze of fresh lemon and some honey.

5. Numi- Aged Earl Grey: my favourite tea, overall. I love earl grey’s pipping hot with coconut milk, a warm blanket and a cozy book to get lost in.

6. Pukka- Three Tulsi: tulsi, aka, holy basil is a herb that is used to improve mood, reduce anxiety and assist with good quality sleep. It’s ideal postpartum. 

7. Rootalive- Moringa Cinnamon Apple: great for kids with a bit of honey or just black. Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse, best known for its antioxidant profile and high vitamin content. 

8. Flora- Yerba Mate: is a caffeinated tea. It is best enjoyed with a bit of coconut milk and tiny bit of honey. 

9. Pukka- After Dinner: an after dinner digestive tea best served black and sipped warm.

10. Yogi- Classic India Spice: another great one for the kids, although it does have stevia so just don’t add any additional sweeteners. 

11. Stash- Vanilla Chai Decaf: a nice, warming tea which is great on it’s own or whisked until frothy with coconut milk 

12. Choice- Chamomile: an ideal tea to drink before bed to help relax. Best served black.

13. Four Sigmatic- Cordyceps Superfood Mushroom Drink: this mix works better in a smoothie than it does as a tea. The flavour is unique so a bit of coconut sugar and coconut milk may help if you don’t like it black. 

14. Four Sigmatic- Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps and Chaga: a great libido and antioxidant tea. Cordyceps and Chaga are both mushrooms. Chaga grows of birch trees and cordyceps grow on caterpillars backs!

15. Four Sigmatic- Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga: great for antioxidants and mental focus. Chaga and Lion’s Mane are mushrooms. 

16. Pukka- Detox: a refreshing morning tea, best served with a squeeze of lemon. 

17. Traditional Medicinals- Green Tea and Peppermint: makes a nice iced tea with lemon and honey.

18. Traditional Medicinals- Smooth Move, Peppermint: contains senna, a laxative herb for occasional constipation. 

19. Pukka- Three Cinnamon: a sweet, warming blend. It’s nice on its own or steeped into your morning coffee.

20. Celebration Herbals- Slippery Elm Bark Powder: perfect for gut healing and nutrients. You can whisk it into hot water or add it to a smoothie or your hot cereal.

21. Celebration Herbals- St. Jonh’s Wort: often used for mild depression. If you’re supplementing with St. John’s Wort, use the Perika (standardized) form for consistent and better effects.

22. Celebration Herbals- Dandelion Root: an earthy, coffee-like flavour best served as you would enjoy your coffee. It’s also a gentle liver aid. 

23. Flora- Digestion Tea: a great tea to have on hand after a large meal or after feeling sick from digestive issues such as constipation, gas or bloating.

24. Celebration Herbals- Lavender Flowers: I use lavender flowers for my London Fog Latte’s but you could use it on its own for a nice relaxing tea.

25. Botanica- Turmeric Golden Mylk: a ready-to-drink mix of turmeric and other warming herbs and spices, best known for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

26. Organic Traditions- Turmeric Latte with Probiotics and Saffron: another ready-to-drink latte, but with probiotics and one of the most expensive herbs in the world, saffron. 

27. Organic Traditions- Premium Matcha Tea: a type of green tea, it’s a powdered form of the entire green leaf. High antioxidant content

28. Arvindya’s- Christmas Chai Masala: TBD! (not yet tried)

29. Magic Mind: TBD! (not yet tried)

30. Buddha Leaf- Bollywood Chai: a fun, chocolatey spin on chai, due to the cacao nibs. Excellent on its own or with some coconut milk and a bit of honey. 

Let me know what your favourite tea is and if your kids drink tea!



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