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How to Show Your Kids Love: Part 2 of The 5 Love Languages of Children

In last week’s blog post and video we chatted about The 5 Love Languages of Children and broke down each individual love language and how to identify which love language your child speaks. If you haven’t read or watched last week’s info, check it out before you read today’s post.

In today’s post we will go over some activities that show love for each of the 5 Love Languages. To recap, the 5 Love Languages are;

  1. Physical Touch
  2. Words of Affirmation
  3. Quality Time
  4. Gifts
  5. Acts of Service

Here are some ideas taken from the book as well as some of my own to show love to your little one.

Physical Touch:

  • greet her and say goodbye with open arms
  • get down to his level
  • give her a soft and cuddly blanket or stuffy
  • family hug often, embrace each other and hug it out
  • sing action songs which involve physical connection- for example: “Patty Cake”
  • dance together interactively (hold hands, spin, throw your child up into the air)
  • take every opportunity to hold and cuddle your child
  • give him a massage before bedtime
  • watch tv while cuddling her
  • pull him up on to your lap when reading stories
  • give her piggy back rides
  • hold hands
  • stroke his hands or face

Words of Affirmation

  • leave love notes or jokes in her lunchbox/backpack
  • ask questions: “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Reaffirm your love by saying why you think he would do well at that job
  • create a special and loving nickname for your child
  • if your child is having a bad day, write out several reasons you love her or are proud of her
  • take a picture, frame or hang something he has created. You can even tack a note onto it explaining why you love it so much

Quality Time

  • don’t wait until your chores are done to spend time together, bring her into doing the chores with you
  • go to the toy store with no intention of buying, just play
  • play with him at the park- do the swings, the slide, the teeter-totter etc.
  • schedule one on one dates with each child-make this date a non negotiable
  • create healthy habits together: reading, biking, walking, yoga, working out
  • plant something together: an outdoor garden, an indoor plant, a herb and take care of it together


  • keep a small collection of inexpensive gifts to gift your child for no reason at all
  • if you travel for work, mail him something while away
  • keep a collection of unique wrapping paper, boxes, bows, ribbons etc so that when your child has something to gift, she can make it elaborate
  • make after school snacks special by serving them on a special plate or by making characters out of the food
  • be on the look-out for things that have your child’s name on them
  • make a special bracelet or necklace for your child to wear to remind him of you
  • create a secret box or drawer for him to store their collection of gifts/kick-knacks
  • create a song or find a song that has your child’s name and sing it to her often

Acts of Service

  • help him practice for an upcoming sports event or dance recital
  • instead of telling your child to go to bed scoop him up and  carry him to bed
  • help her select the outfit for school the next day
  • teach your child about serving their community and charities
  • create special birthday dinner traditions where she gets her favourite meal
  • serve him in a way that goes above and beyond normal expectations: for example, make sure he always has marshmallows in his hot chocolate, that the favourite teddy is ready for him in his bed etc.
  • help her to fix something that is broken; fixing a technical problem with her device, fix a broken toy etc.

I hope this mini-series has been as impactful for you as it has been for me and my family. If you haven’t yet read the book, it’s worth picking up and referring to often. You can watch the video version of this blog post here: