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Dragon Time

Put it front and centre on the wellness shelf when period pain, bloating, moodiness and blahhhhness strikes.

Years and years and years ago my cramps were so painful I was given a common medication for endometriosis; Anaprox. I was 16 at the time. I didn’t have endometriosis. I was 16 and on medication for something that could have been treated naturally. Anaprox and a side of birth control. Oh and Midol on top of everything for really bad months, which was every month.

I was never educated about the importance of my diet (which was garbage at the time), never offered a hormone panel to see what was body was doing, never evaluated afterwards. The prognosis was: birth control and Anaprox for….forever? It was an effective pain-reliever but it didn’t address the underlying root causes of my pain, nor was it a sustainable solution.

In retrospect; my problem was clearly inflammation related due to a poor diet and hormone imbalances.

dragon time

Luckily I took control over my life, cleaned up my diet, got off medication and have been relying on natural remedies any time I feel less than optimal when I have my period. Now, my period is a breeze but the odd time I still need a little support with cramps or discomfort.

I bought this bottle a year and a half ago, spilled half of it in my purse and still have a quarter of it left because I don’t need it very often. But when I do, it’s an instant pain reliever. It’s called Dragon Time and it’s designed specifically for menstruating women. This blend works primarily by raising estradiol (estrogen steroid) levels in the body which drop during menstruation leading to undesirable symptoms.

Here’s what’s in Dragon Time

•clary sage






pms supplements

Here are some benefits of these oils

Clary Sage– when you get your period, your estrogen levels drop. This can lead to mood imbalances, feeling sad and easily agitated. Clary Sage influences dopamine in the brain which leads to a happier mood.

From a physiological standpoint, Clary Sage has hormone-like properties that help to balance to estrogen levels within the body. It’s a great pain-reliever too and many women report that it has assisted them with labour pain when delivering.

Fennel– fennel is often used for digestive related ailments such bloating and discomfort, which are also common symptoms during menstruation. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties help ease cramps.

Lavender– one of the most well known essential oils, lavender is great for headache relief, pain, gastrointestinal discomfort and calming the mind and bringing more balance and happiness to your mood.

Jasmine– when applied topically over the uterus area, jasmine can help slow blood flow and helps the uterus gently contract. It also enhances your mood and helps you feel energized physically and mentally.

Yarrow– yarrow essential oil is not only a digestive wonder, it’s capable of relaxing smooth muscle within the intestine and uterus, making it a beneficial oil for menstrual cramps and upset stomach. It can help to reduce an excessive or heavy menstrual flow, bringing more balance to your period. It has been used traditionally for centuries to help reduce pain and inflammation during menstruation.

Marjoram– aromatically, marjoram is a calming and relaxing herb. When used topically, it can assist with stomach pain and menstrual cramps.

How to Use Dragon Time for Menstrual Cramps

menstrual cramps

You can use this oil in several different ways. Some women enjoy diffusing it to uplift their mood. You can also apply it topically, by putting 1-2 drops on your wrists or ankles.

My favourite way to use it is to put a roller ball top on the bottle and roll it across my abdomen, temples if a headache is present and lower back if your back is bothering you. You could also apply a warm compress to the site for even more relief. I personally don’t dilute this blend but always consider dilution if you’re using it over a large surface area. My carrier oil of choice for dilution would be avocado oil.

Another product that has helped improve my period and PMS symptoms on top of dietary and lifestyle changes is Progessence Phyto Plus.

Progessence Phyto Plus (PPP)

progessence phyto plus

This oil is a topical progesterone serum infused with several supportive oils. 1 drop is 1mg of progesterone so it’s a very low dose if you’re using 1 drop at a time. Again, this isn’t an oil that I use often (I bought this bottle in July 2018), I used it to initially help raise my progesterone levels because it was evident that they were quite low (thanks children!).

The Role of Progesterone

Progesterone is an important hormone especially for women of the child-bearing years. It is needed to get pregnant and to maintain a pregnancy. When your body releases an egg from the ovaries (during your luteal phase of your cycle), your progesterone levels should naturally rise, which results in the thickening of the uterus to help assist a fertilized egg implant.

With a lack of progesterone, you’re more likely to be at risk of having an estrogen dominance.

What’s in PPP?


pms relief

USP-grade Progesterone– it’s extremely important to note that the progesterone found in PPP is from wild yam. It is NOT a synthetic hormone, nor should you use one if you can avoid it. Synthetic hormones have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Copaiba– for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits

Sacred Frankincense– calming, health-promoting benefits

Cedarwood– relaxing, beneficial for sleep

Bergamot– uplifts the spirit and improves mood

Peppermint– pain-relieving

Clove– antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

PPP was developed by a doctor who specializes in women’s hormone issues. When testing women who came to see him almost all of them had low progesterone levels. It’s always important to evaluate whether or not your progesterone levels are low before using any progesterone serum. Have your doctor run a hormone panel to determine if this product is suitable for you.

What Low Progesterone Looks Like In Some Individuals


  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • night sweats, hot flashes
  • vaginal dryness
  • low libido
  • diminished sex drive
  • sleeping troubles
  • headaches or migraines
  • fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid dysfunction
  • weight gain
  • heavy bleeding
  • breast tenderness
  • mood fluctuations; sadness, depression, anxiety

How to Use PPP


menstrual cramps

PPP should be used in harmony with your body’s natural hormonal flow. You want to use it during the luteal phase of your cycle (in and around day 14 until day 28) up until your period. This is the same cycle that the body would naturally produce more progesterone if levels were adequate.

Apply 1-4 drops (depending on current progesterone levels) on the wrists or back of the neck before bedtime.

Between these 2 products my periods have been a lot more manageable. They are here to assist you, but it’s also important to get to the root cause of PMS and heavy periods. Always seek the help of a qualified health practitioner when trying something new.

To stock your holistic toolbelt with these products, click the image below or learn more, here

period cramps

To better periods!