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Friends, I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for several months to talk about my Young Living business but haven’t necessarily felt like the timing was right…until now.

I’ll be hosting a live Zoom call on Tuesday April 14th at 8pm EST to go into specifics about starting your Young Living Biz so you can register for that here If you’re simply curious why I do this business, keep reading.

Maybe you’ve already hooked yourself up with a kit and you’re loving your products and want to know how you can benefit from sharing them with your friends, maybe you need a financial lifeline- whatever the case, this post is going to break down my at-home business for you. If you want to start it too, email me at or reach out via social media. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live- our businesses are global. I can help you build your business and support you along the way, no matter your location.

I can’t think of a better time than now to discuss my bread and butter- Young Living. No matter what is happening in the world- like a pandemic- my business still runs. It’s an essential service full of wellness products that the public is seeking with the convenience of at-home delivery services. It checks all the boxes for me as a business owner and for the customers who buy products each and every month to support their health and wellness. 

An at-home business was always our family’s plan. After the boys were born it made the most sense for me to stay home while Joel built and grew his business (while working full time hours at a pub). We both decided early on that it would suit our family for one parent to stay home.

My Entrepreneurial History

The first few years of Joel starting his own business were incredibly difficult. He left for work at 6am, put in a full day of construction, coming home at 5pm and then quickly wolfing down dinner, showering and heading back out at 6pm to work at the pub, getting home between midnight and 2am. Two afternoons/evenings per week plus each Saturday, I worked at a health food store and the boys were looked after by either my Mom or Joel’s Mom. Other than those few shifts per week, I was at home with a baby and a 2 year old. To say our lives were difficult and trying is an understatement. This carried on for 2 years. Luckily Joel’s business grew and so did mine. But, as a Holistic Nutritionist, in-person consultations in my home office were proving difficult as the boys got older and louder and messier. Plus, I only got paid for the hours I put in. No clients, no income. 

Nonetheless, I carried on with my Nutrition biz and modified it in a way that allowed me to transfer my services online exclusively which was great yet not very profitable for several years (these things take time, money and tons of hours to create, grow, develop, design and launch).

Starting The Oily Life

In 2018 my girlfriends started getting into essential oils and I wanted nothing to do with any of it. I didn’t even attend their oil parties that’s how much I was against it. Yet, a moment a few months back stuck out in my mind and gave me my lightbulb moment.

My neighbour’s son has Lyme. One day she put out a Mom SOS on Facebook asking if anyone had Frankincense essential oil. I did. It was one of maybe 3 Young Living oils I had purchased literally years ago and never opened. I had no idea how to use it, but I gave her my bottle. Her son was in agonizing pain, localized to his neck, unable to sleep, his morphine was maxed out and the hospital told them there was nothing more they could do. I was incredibly reluctant and hesitant to give her the oil but I figured, she wants it. I thought it would do absolutely nothing for him. The next day both her and her son told me he got the most pain relief he had had in weeks and was able to sleep. I was shocked. I made a mental note to research these oils because now my interest was piqued but I never got around to doing it.

As my girlfriends started learning more and more about essential oils and began using them in their home for themselves, their kids and their babies, they stopped messaging me for health solutions! I was their go-to gal before the oils came into their lives! Now, they were taking charge of their own ailments and didn’t need me! So, I began researching. I researched the oils because I didn’t believe there were actual scientific articles proving their benefits (spoiler: there are hundreds and hundreds) and slowly but surely I was grabbing an oil here and there from them. Finally, they straight up said to me: “we’re setting up an account for you, you’re ordering on your own and you’re going to love all these wellness products- trust us.” So they did. And I did. And they were right.

I love these oils. I love the wellness products. I love the company and I love the business. Most people who wind up doing the business are like me: they use the products, love them and learn about the at-home business opportunity that is offered for those who want it.

The business evolved so organically for me. I decided to have a party at my home because I never attended one my girlfriends threw and I wanted to learn more. After the party I was blown away and ordered the Premium Starter Kit. Best $199 (less if you’re in the US) I ever spent for myself and my family. From that party I received a $500 cheque and my interest in the business was now there. I sat down and dove into the business, learned everything I could about Network Marketing and realized it wasn’t what I had experienced in the past. What I had experienced in the past was a plethora of women who ran their business in a way that didn’t align with how I would ever run a business. So, I simply did it my way with my friends by my side!

Maybe you won’t make $500 your first month, but maybe you make enough to pay your cell phone bill or get your wellness products paid for, or you can be like some women I know personally who have made exponentially more than that in their first month. You can determine your pay cheque by the time and energy you put in. Our income disclosure statement can be found hereThe numbers you see are in USD.

We are a Silver-Executive family, meaning I am a Silver leader within Young Living and Joel is an Executive. Yes, your spouse can have an account and you can build a business and earn 2 Young Living pay cheques. Both of our pay cheques are higher than the averages listed in the Income Disclosure statement, so keep in mind the numbers you see are averages. Your earnings may be higher or lower. I never want to misguide you and make you believe I built my business overnight, I didn’t- no one I know has. Yet, every single month I’ve profited. I have never lost a penny. I don’t put in full-time hours, but I do work my business daily, in between my nutrition business, being a Mom and an office admin to Joel’s business. You can build this business in 5 minute increments with your kids on your lap.

I’m half-way to the next rank, which is Gold and anticipate I will be there by the end of this year. I’ve always seen this as a long-term plan for residual, sustainable wealth, a true investment that gifts me financial freedom and time freedom so I can do more of this with my family:

The beautiful thing about running your Young Living business is that you can do it in a way that is unique and authentic to you. I simply share what I love and that’s how I’ve built my business. It’s that simple. I’ve started several businesses since becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (3 flopped by the way) and let me tell you the ease of this biz compared to starting something from scratch, is truly a gift. Everything is done for you, you’re not stuck figuring anything out on your own, it’s all here for you- dream. come. true. 

Why I chose this business

First of all, it aligns with my family’s goal of one parent staying home to see the kids off to school and to pick them up. I can be there for my kids if they’re sick, can’t go to school, need a day at home with Mom, if the teacher needs a parent volunteer, I can be there. I’m extremely present in my kids lives and it’s because I manage my own schedule and hours. 

The company aligns with my personal beliefs. I put my money towards companies I believe in and who do good things with their dollars. Young Living couldn’t be more in line with my personal beliefs and values.

They’re family owned and operated. This means that there are no shareholders making decisions and potentially tarnishing the best interest of the company for profits. I LOVE supporting family owned businesses because the family built the business and has the business’ best interest at heart.

They’re doing good for the globe- to learn ALL the amazing things YL has done and is doing, check out this website: as well as this one: The work this company does to make the world healthier and happier is beyond anything I can even start to explain here in this post.

Spend some time on those websites to learn about the schools they’re building, the land, people, culture and heritage they honour, the sustainability they are deeply rooted in and their mission to convert to zero waste facilities. I contribute money each month to the Young Living Foundation because I believe in their mission and want to support it. I’ve been to one of their farms and witnessed the harvesting and distillation process first hand. It’s magical- no other oil company can compete. 

My business is PANDEMIC-PROOF! Hurray! No matter what happens in the world, people still have access to wellness products to keep their health up. This means that if you choose to have a Young Living business, your paycheque is protected because the products are in high, high demand. My business has never been better as of writing this in April 2020.

You don’t have to be an expert in essential oils or natural health. You can learn as you go! There is ongoing education and product information for you to take as you need it. I have a background in natural health so I pass this info on to my team. I’m always here to support them and their educations. This is the importance of starting with a team who is actively working the business and furthering their own education. I’m here to support my customers and their health goals. However, when I started, I knew absolutely nothing about essential oils, but as I used them on myself and my family I began to learn. We also have an amazing private Facebook community for our team with tons and tons of information to educate you. We have other Certified Holistic Nutritionists who run the group as well as fitness experts, a Holistic Vet Tech (who answers all pet-related questions) and every day Moms who have changed their family’s health for the better.

I have no overhead. No retail space, no employees, no stock, no utilities bills- but I do get to take advantage of business write-offs (talk to your accountant about this, I cannot comment on your write-offs).

All you need to start this business is an account and wifi. For us to get paid, we just have to place an order for products we would be buying anyway- think laundry soap, supplements, makeup, baby wipes, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, cleaning products, hand sanitizer, face wash, face serums, hand soap, shower gels, bars of soap, essential oil.. the list goes on. If you are doing YL as a business the products you purchase can be written off- but again, speak to your accountant. 

The bonus is that we collect points each time we do an order which we can use for free product. And we get a free product every month just for placing an order. It’s extremely accessible to start this business. Some other perks- you’re not carrying inventory. Remember the negative past experiences I had with Network Marketers in the past? Ya, that’s because they were desperate. They are forced to buy a ton of products and sell it, otherwise it sits in their garage and they’re out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I can understand their desperation and pushiness. I’d be panicked too. But then again, I would never run that type of business, because it’s not logical or wise. With Young Living, we don’t carry stock or inventory. We simply get someones account set up for them and they order for themselves online. Simple. No dealing with money, transactions, delivery or products. There’s a proper method to doing this business and this is what I teach so that you’re not making mistakes.

We have a focused business group that offers ongoing daily, weekly and monthly support depending on what you need and how much help you want. If you have questions, want guidance, it’s there for you. I give my team a ‘turn-key’ operation. I’ve already created the documents and templates for everything you’ll ever need to run your business and I share all of that with my team. You’re literally stepping into a pre-built business and just sharing health products however that aligns with you.

young living business

The business can be done in any way. I’ve seen this business work for all types of people. Introverts, extroverts, anyone can make it work if they want it. Whether you’re someone who likes teaching classes in front of people, if you prefer to educate one on one in person, online or via text, you can run this business. If you prefer to utilize social media solely, you can do that too. If you’re a hairstylist and you listen to people talk about their problems all day long while they’re in your chair, you can show them the products while they get their hair done. There’s no limit to the ways you can run your biz. You can also work with your close friends and family and run your businesses together.

It’s residual income. What this means is that while you’re sleeping, your business is making you money. You’re not trading time for money.  I knew I would NEVER be a 9-5. I didn’t want to get caught in the 40-40-40 plan (working 40 hours a week for 40 years of my life to retire on 40% of my income- no thanks, sounds crazy to me). You do the work and you reap the benefits every single day for the rest of your life. This does NOT happen overnight. I’m not into the illusion of ‘get rich quick’ schemes but once you’re up and rocking with customers ordering each month or every few months, you’re earning money while you’re not working your biz. I can take a week off with my family, go on vacation and my business is still paying me. I do not exchange time for money. 

The income is will-able. I can will my income to my children. For the rest of their lives they will earn my monthly income. They can then will it to their children. Beautiful. I’ve had business owners sign up for this opportunity simply from the standpoint of a long-term investment with a high rate of return and to secure a future for their children.

Our team is untied in our passion to make health products a part of every home across the globe. We have a team full of women who are on various chapters of their health journey’s. Some have incredible stories of transforming their lives. It constantly inspires me and brings me to tears. I’m blessed to know these women and to work alongside of them. The connection and community couldn’t be more positive and uplifting. We’re one of the fastest growing teams in Canada because our mission is simple: health and wellness, purpose and abundance. We do this business with integrity and heart. No BS.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be hosting a live Zoom call on Tuesday April 14th at 8pm EST to go into specifics about starting a Young Living business so if you have questions, you can ask them live on the Zoom call. If you’re ready to dive in now, email ( me and I’ll get you set up with everything you need to create your YL account and send you my business building package.

Register for the live Zoom call here:

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