Winter time and dry skin go hand in hand! My skin can take a beating if I’m not on top of my skin care game during the winter. A good routine is important for not only the appearance of your skin but also for how it feels. Gone are the days of tight, dry, itchy skin with a good daily morning and evening routine which focuses on moisture. I also focus my skin care regime around maintaining the integrity and the tone of my skin with products and ingredients that focus on reducing inflammation, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while being gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

Two of the products I use on a daily basis are homemade; my daily facial serum and a smoothing under-eye serum. Both of the recipes are provided below.

I specifically use therapeutic-grade oils from Young Living in my recipes because the results have been noticeable in the appearance of my skin. Using high-quality oils that aren’t in any way diluted or distilled with chemicals will give you great results. Therapeutic-grade essential oils means that each oil is tested after distillation to ensure that all the chemical constituents (active properties) are present so that the oil will do what it’s intended to do.

The other products I use on a daily basis are also from Young Living. Full disclaimer: I am affiliated with the company but this in no way influences which products I use and share, I only share what I truly love and enjoy. I have been testing out many of their facial products and all of them so far have been great for me. I will likely switch out the Orange Blossom Facial Cleanser and the Mint Satin Facial Scrub once they are finished because I don’t love that there is hydrolyzed wheat in them. If you are allergic to wheat, I would not advise using these products. I don’t have a wheat allergy and my skin has looked and felt amazing since I’ve been following this routine, however I will continue to experiment with Young Living’s other cleansers in the future, but for now, this is currently what I’m using. You can always purchase the products directly from me, which provides you with access to a private Facebook community to help you in any oil-related way you need. Whether or not you purchase them from me or not, just try the oils- they’re amazing and you’ll love how your skin improves.

Link to purchase here

Facial Serum Recipe

In a 2oz glass pump bottle add the following:

10 drops of Frankincense

10 drops of Elemi

15 drops of Copiaba

10 drops of Lavender

10 drops of Helichrysum

1/4 oz of Vitamin E oil

Fill with a carrier oil of choice, I like Jojoba oil for intense moisture in the winter

Under Eye Serum

In a 10ml roller bottle

10 drops of Copiaba

10 drops of Cypress

10 drops of Helichrysum

1ml of Vitamin E oil

Fill with a carrier oil of choice, again, I use Jojoba oil in the winter

The Benefits of each Essential Oil

Frankincense: suitable for all skin types it is well-known for it’s ability to reduce the appearance of acne, scars, stretch marks (all things skin related), eczema and psoriasis. It’s an extremely healing oil and is one of the most widely researched oils in the world, with over 200 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating its efficacy in aiding a wide variety of ailments.

Given it’s healing powers, it’s been valued by cultures around the world for thousands of years and has been associated with many different religions. For example, in Christianity it was one of the first gifts given to Jesus by the wise men.

Elemi: an oil that helps with the elasticity of the skin by improving the tone. Consider it a tightening and firming oil which also brightens the skin for a nice glow.

It comes from a farm located in the vibrant and scenic Bicol Region of the Philippines. It it harvested by resin tapping and then steam distilled, producing an oil with a pine/citrus-like smell and is a pale yellow in colour.

Elemi is from the same family as Frankincense and Myrrh. Elemi was sometimes used in the place of frankincense when it became very expensive.

The Egyptians are said to have used it in the embalming process, and it also has long been used for skin care and to soothe respiratory problems.

Copiaba: wonderful for reducing inflammation and aiding in very dry patches of skin.

Known for its gentle, woodsy aroma, Copaiba essential oil is a product of steam distilling the gum resin tapped from the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree. With high levels of beta-caryophyllene (binds to CB2 receptors in the brain and activates many of benefits of the endocannabinoid system, which is what CBD does) and a uniquely sweet aromatic profile, Copaiba oil helps create a relaxing atmosphere when diffused or applied topically. Cannabis contains around 30% caryophyllene (aka beta-caryophyllene). Copaiba contains upwards of 40-70%, arguably making this more effective as an anti-inflammatory than CBD.

Lavender: one of the most mood-supportive oils and perfect for bedtime relaxation, lavender is also a powerful oil for skin care. It aids in healing wounds, burns, stings, bites and can act as a natural anti-histamine.

French scientist, Rene Gattefosse was the first to discover lavender’s ability to promote tissue regeneration and speed wound healing after noticing it’s healing properties after he burned his arm in a lab explosion. Today, lavender is one of the few oils still listed in the British Pharmacopoeia.

Helichrysum: Folklore: Helichrysum as an ornamental dried flower retains its fragrance, colour, and shape almost forever. Hence came the other names “Everlasting” or “Immortelle” by which it is commonly known.

Historical Uses: Helichrysum has been used for asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, headaches, liver ailments, and skin disorders; reduce scarring, scar tissue, reduce tissue pain, regenerate tissue, and varicose veins.

Cypress: the oil for reducing puffiness (aka, fluid retention). Cypress increases blood circulation which helps move toxins and wastes out of the body.

This oil is extracted from the cypress tree, which has wood so durable that the cypress doors of Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica show no sign of decay even after 1,000 years. The botanical name, Cupressus sempervirens comes from the Greek word “sempervivens” which means, ‘live forever’.

Morning Routine

Step 1

After showering I will wash my face with the Young Living ART Gentle Cleanser. I like this cleanser because it’s infused with calming oils such as Melissa, Frankincense and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. This is another product suitable for all skin types.

Step 2

Following the cleanser I will tone my face using an organic cotton ball and unscented witch hazel.

Step 3

I’ll do 2 pumps of the facial serum, recipe above. If you find your face is too shiny, use 1 pump, if you’re still experiencing dryness, use 3 pumps. Allow the serum to set into the face for about 15 minutes before applying makeup. This serum can replace any moisturizer you’re currently using and replaces the need for a primer before foundation.

Step 4

Apply the smoothing under eye serum to the under eye area. If you want to focus on fine lines, apply it to the entire eye area, being careful not to get it into the eyes. You can also tap it into other areas with lines and wrinkles such as laugh lines.

Evening Routine

Step 1

When I wear make-up (which isn’t daily) I will use a baby wipe to remove eye make-up and foundation.

Step 2

Using hot water, I soak a face cloth and apply it to my face to open up the pores for about 30 seconds.

Step 3

I wash my face with the Orange Blossom Facial Cleanser to help remove any make-up and just to get a nice clean base.

Step 4

Exfoliation time! Using the Mint Satin Facial Scrub I’ll massage this into my skin to remove any dead skin cells, impurities and blackheads. I let this sit on my face for 2-3 minutes, or the time it takes to brush my teeth. I then remove the scrub with a hot face cloth.

Step 5

Using 5 pumps of my facial serum, I massage the serum into my face to get a ton of moisture into my skin overnight.

And that’s it! My morning and evening winter skin care routine!