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wellness at work

Health & Happiness

Health promotion in the workplace creates conditions which support and teach the best possi­ble health and lifestyle choices for the employee. Employees who participate in wellness work­shops and talks are more likely to report overall job satisfaction, meaning employee retention rates stay high. Happy employees=happy customers!

Efficiency and Money Saving

Companies who participate in effective wellness workshops have a lower absenteeism rate than companies who do not. Your employees are also more likely to be productive and ener­getic, resulting in better performance. Employees are likely to stay healthier and show up when they are educated on leading a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

A healthier team leads to a lower health care cost which means money and time saved for your company!

Team Building

Participation in a health and wellness workshop creates a stronger, more united team. Participants can relax and enjoy their coworkers in a relaxed and fun environment, boosting morale which transitions back to the workplace.

Companies who use health and wellness workshops show their employees they care about them. It tells your team that you’re more than just an employer, you’re invested in their health and well-being!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get a little healthier with these Holistic Health Topics:


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  • Live Your Personal Best and Kick Your Stress to the Curb
  • Improving Your Immune System
  • Improve Your Digestion, Improve Your Life
  • Prevention, It’s Worth a Pound of Cure

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