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Friends! This is a huge month for both Canadian and US members and non-members. I don’t even know where to begin, but I’m excited to explain and show you what Young Living is gifting us this month.

First off, make sure you’re placing your Essential Rewards order between February 1st and 3rd because you’ll automatically be given a $10 product credit on your account- amazing.

Next, for Canadian non-members- GET YOUR PREMIUM STARTER KIT THIS MONTH! Because if you do, you get a free bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner (my favourite product in the entire company, cannot live without it). Mak to take ade sure you’re signing up on Essential Rewards to take advantage. When you do, you also get a 15ml bottle of Tangerine as part of the monthly Essential Rewards gifts ER members get. Essential Rewards (ER) is free to join and free to cancel at any time. It’s hassle free too which is amazing.

young living february gifts

Ok, onto the Canadian Promos (US promos listed below)

When you place an order with Young Living you get gifted new free products each month, Each month they change so it’s a great way to not only get free stuff, but to try new products. I’ll give you a brief run-down of each item.

PV: PV stands for “product volume”. Since Young Living is a global company, this is how we keep everything at par with the US. So beside each product you’ll see a retail price (price you pay in store or when buying off someone), wholesale price (the price you pay when you set up your account) and PV.

You start earning gifts when your orders are 100+ PV.

100 PV

$10 product credit when you place your ER order between Feb 1st and Feb 3rd 11:59pm MST.

Tangerine 15ml (ER exclusive, meaning only for members enrolled on ER)

Tangerine is an uplifting, happy citrus kick in a bottle. My older son has a bottle stashed in his room because he LOVES all the citrus oils. He loves to add it to his diffuser with a drop of Oola Family or Stress Away. I love it as a flavour enhancement to my fruit salads and as a laundry booster for a gentle citrus smell.


190 PV

Awaken 5ml

Awaken is an oil I love to use in the morning in the diffuser to help brighten my mood and put me into a state of balanced bliss. I also love dropping 1-2 drops on the crown of my head first thing in the morning. It’s a unique oil because it contains 5 other blends; Joy, Present Time, Dream Catcher, Harmony and Forgiveness. I find it very calming and balancing.


Tranquil Roll-on, 10ml (ER exclusive)

Tranquil is the perfect sleepy-time roller for adults and kids. I love using this after an evening bath, down my spine or on the soles of my feet. Joel and I often use it as a base for a relaxing evening massage. The kids love rolling this on their entire bodies, but they particularly like it rolled on their backs with a little back rub after.

+100 PV Rewards

250 PV

Common Sense 5ml

Common Sense is an oil I use on the back of my neck when I’m having a hard time making decisions or need a little help from permanent “Mom Brain”. It’s a favourite of mine to inhale deeply from the bottle while working on computer related tasks or creative processes.

+100 PV & 190 PV Rewards

300 PV

Sacred Frankincense 5ml

Sacred Frankincense is an “I can’t live without you” kinda oil for me. I love it for it’s ability to reduce my anxiety, help me breathe- it’s great for respiratory complaints, and for diffusing throughout the house to keep the air clean, happy and spiritually uplifted. This is an oil I connect with deeply when I use during a mediation practice.

+100 PV, 190 Pv & 250 PV Rewards

US Promos

100 PV

Cedarwood, 15ml (ER exclusive)

This is the SLEEP oil. Cedarwood helps to promote the production of melatonin in the brain, signalling to us that it’s time to sleep. This is a great oil for people who have irregular sleep schedules and want to harmonize their sleep patterns. We use it in all the diffusers nightly. Our favourite sleep blend for the kids rooms is; 3 drops cedarwood, 3 drops lavender, 2 drops northern lights black spruce and 1 drop roman chamomile.

190 PV

Ylang Ylang, 15ml

If you haven’t experienced Ylang Ylang, you must! It’s a favourite ‘sexy time’ oil, especially when diffused with orange essential oil. It’s a libido-rocker! I also love the alluring smell on it’s own and often wear it on my wrists and neck as a natural perfume.

Patchouli, 15ml (ER exclusive)

Patchouli is another alluring oil. It’s one that I love mixing with other sweeter, floral oils like Ylang Ylang. It too can help attract some sexual energy and desire.

+100 PV rewards

250 PV

Geranium, 15ml

I refer to Geranium as the poor man’s rose. I use it in my daily facial serum because it helps to invigorate the skin and bring on a youthful glow.

+100 PV & 190 PV rewards

300 PV

RutaVaLa Roll-on 10ml

This is a relaxing blend of oils to help promote sleep, calm and emotional balance during stressful times. I like this one rolled on the wrists and back of the neck before bed to help calm my mind and stop never-ending thoughts!

+ 100 PV, 190 PV and 250 PV rewards

400 PV

Seed to Seal Story Collection (not pictured)

This is a really nice set of every day oils; Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint in 10ml bottles. You can gift this entire set or divide it up for multiple gifts, or of course, keep it all for yourself!

+100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV and 300 PV rewards


Valentine’s Day Sales

For Canadian Members

A new, limited time roller set is being offered exclusively for Canadian members. It’s the Young Living branded Jade Roller plus 5ml bottle of Frankincense essential oil. It’s available while supplies last.

$40.50 CAD

Gifts For Him, on sale February 1st-9th

Shutran, 15ml. Regular: $96.75, SALE: $87.07


Idaho Blue Spruce 5ml. Regular: $37.25 SALE: $33.52

Cedarwood, 15ml. Regular: $14.50, SALE: $13.05

Gifts for Her, on sale February 1st-9th

Progessence Phyto Plus, 15ml. Regular: $48 SALE: $43.20

Ylang Ylang, 15ml Regular: $52.50, SALE: $47.25

Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter Regular: $40.50, SALE: $36.45 (not pictured)


This is such a great month! I’m excited for you to begin your oil journey or to continue on with another month of wellness. If you want to learn more about the Premium Starter Kit which is how I recommend getting started, just click here.

In vibrant health and wellness,